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CFM Computer Systems:

The Center for Fluid Mechanics and the Department of Applied Mathematics provide a variety of computing systems to meet our users needs. More information about our facilities is available below.



The "old" SP2 parallel computer: Our first IBM sp2-thin2 at 37 Manning. DOWN.

The "new" SP parallel computer: We have several different SP nodes: 4-cpu PowerPC 604e Silver nodes, 2-cpu Power3 Winterhawk nodes and 8-cpu Power3 Nighthawk nodes.

Beowulf Linux clusters: Linux systems used for pure computing purposes.

Workstations: Standard user workstations.

Servers: We have many different servers fulfilling different roles ranging from web-pages to 3D graphics and just plain old compute power.

X-Terminals: To provide access to more users we have dozens of dedicated graphical terminals and many older Sun and SGI systems that have been converted to function as terminals.

Network: The Department of Applied Math and the Center for Fluid Mechanics span 3 buildings and are connected by a high-bandwidth network.

CRUNCH group machines: Facilities within the CRUNCH group include desktop computers, as well as clusters for serial and parallel jobs.

The CAVE: The Center for Fluid Mechanics in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science here at Brown have been working together on visualization projects. The CAVE is a eight-foot cubicle with high-resolution stereo graphics.